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Best quality vintage electrical auto parts and full wiring harnesses. Auto wiring for trucks and jeeps.

What you can expect from our vintage auto wire parts and harnesses…

All our auto wire military and civilian vintage wiring harnesses are shipped with each component tagged, bagged, or individually labeled to identify it.  Each auto wire harness includes an instruction book which contains installation tips, parts list, detailed instructions for each auto wiring component, necessary diagrams and drawings to aid installation, and auto wiring schematics.  Customer service does not end when your vintage auto harness ships: we are also available to answer any questions as you install your auto wiring assembly.

Some popular vintage wiring harnesses are in stock and ready to ship.  Most are built to order and may require up to several weeks to be built.  Please plan ahead in your restoration project and allow sufficient time for us to do the high quality work on your harness that you expect.

Custom vintage auto wiring requests are no problem!

Pricing of all auto wiring products is available by telephone or email.

All of our auto wire products carry a complete guarantee of satisfaction.

Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are accepted.

Items shipped F.O.B. Silas, AL USA