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Quality is in the details

We use as many new-old-stock pieces as possible to recreate these original harnesses.  Below are a few examples of the ways that we provide an accurate replica of the original harness.

Original style wire tags are installed on the terminal ends to assist the restorer in installation.  Some manufacturers originally had cotton tags showing harness part numbers wrapped directly into the harness as seen in this 1/2 ton Dodge truck harness.

Vintage Wiring makes the only M38/M38A1 harnesses with original-style molded splices.

M-Series shells are also original-style.

We also make a small number of battery cables.  Expect the same high quality as you would from our harnesses.

The turn signal option includes the lever assembly, flasher, in-line fuse and a harness altered to fit your turn signals.  Even the wires that run down the steering column are covered with a cotton braid to maintain a vintage appearance.

Where appropriate, harnesses include 1-1 and 2-1 connectors, clamp kits, or contact kits to finish the installation of your harness.