White M4 Half-Track – Short – Complete Harness


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The kit includes the following:

  • Rear Chassis Harness
  • Front Chassis Harness
  • Horn & Right Hand Gas Tank Harness
  • Dash Harness
  • Panel Light Harness
  • Generator to Regulator Field Wire
  • Generator to Regulator Armature Wire
  • Battery Regulator to Filter Wire
  • Battery Filter to Ammeter Wire
  • Coil to Distributor Wire
  • Coil Filter to Gas Gauge Wire
  • Coil Filter to Coil Wire
  • Heater Switch to Heater Wire
  • Heater Switch Feed Wire
  • Horn Button Wire
  • Horn Relay to Horns Cable
  • Trouble Light Ground and Feed Wires
  • Ammeter to Fuse Block Feed Cable
  • Ammeter (+) to Starter Button Wire
  • Ignition Switch Feed Wire
  • Voltmeter Switch Feed Wire
  • Voltmeter to Switch Wire and Ground Wire
  • Fuel Gauge to Fuel Switch Wire
  • Light Switch Feed Wire
  • Ignition Switch to Fuel Gauge Wire
  • Gas Tank & Body Ground Wires
  • Resistor Box to Trailer Socket Wires
  • B/O Drive Light Resistor Feed Wire
  • B/O Drive Light Switch Feed Wire
  • B/O Marker Light Wires (Fender Only)
  • Pedestal Light Wires (Pedestal Models Only)
  • 12v to 6v Reducer Wire (Pedestal Models Only)
  • Tail Light Connectors
  • 1-into-1 & 2-into-1 Kit

Additional “Add Ons”:

  • Battery Cables

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