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The M38 Jeep was the first post-WW II jeep, based on the civilian model CJ-3A. Fits: 1950-52 M38.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Main Chassis Harness
  • Horn Switch Harness
  • Horn Ground Wire
  • Stop Light Switch Harness
  • Trailer Receptacle
  • Fuel Tank Wire
  • Blackout Drive Light Harness
  • Spider Harness
  • Circuit Breaker Adapter (if you do not have circuit breakers)
  • Circuit Breaker Harness (if you do have circuit breakers)
  • Headlight Harness
  • Voltage Regulator Harness
  • Blackout Marker Light Wires
  • Instruction Booklet

Additional “Add On” Options:

  • 1-into-1 & 2-into1 Kit
  • Battery Ground Cable
  • Battery Starter Cable
  • Battery Jumper Cable

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